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Video Spawned A Radio Star

Ok... "star" is too strong of a word. But "video spawned a late night radio airplay" didn't have the same ring.

On Saturday Nov 7, I had a good night! Not only was I the featured storyteller at the Illinois Storytelling Open Mic (hosted by Dominican U), but I was also included in a really cool radio show on WFMT.

98.7WFMT primarily presents classical music and fine arts programming. As part of this programming, they have a show called The Midnight Special hosted by Marilyn Rea Beyer. This show plays a wide range of music, comedy, and novelty audio - typically around a theme.

Marilyn, who also runs in storytelling circles, saw my bio as the featured teller for the Open Mic, cyber stalked my website (woo hoo!) and saw the "For What It's Worth" video featured on the music page.

So that video is the reason I can tell people I've been played on classical radio.

I love the incongruity of it. Also, hearing myself on the radio?

I feel ya, Lucy!


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