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It was a time of unprecedented despair.


Climate change, political unrest,

and people posting without verifying a news source was wreaking havoc on the region.


Enter: Kelly Campos. Mild mannered children’s librarian by day; musician, storyteller, and collector of tiny boxes (just in case) by night.


Relying on her checkered past (Second City Detroit Mainstage performer, rock singer/songwriter, 6th grade ballerina, and former Kinko’s Copy Specialist), Kelly is now committed to bringing her best to the stage and saving the world one song at a time.


She loves to share music, stories, and thoughts with the world, hopes her daughter and husband are proud, and is looking forward to the end of this sentence.

  • ​2022 Folktale Fight : Winner

  • Illinois Storytelling

    • board member

  • Second City Detroit alumni

    • mainstage performer

  • Singer / Musician​

    • 90s' : Jelly's Pierced Tattoo​

    • 00's - now : Kelly Campos Band

  • Librarian with a Capital L​

    • MLIS 2019 : Dominican University​

    • 2022 - Present: Adjunct Professor - Dominican University


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