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Life Sucks Better

A Friend made a Facebook post about the anniversary of her divorce and how happy she was for freedom. In the comments was this:

"Girl, SAME!!! I JUST POSTED I WILL SURVIVE!!! whoa. You just said everything I wanted to but didn't. Life is SOOOO much better- even when it totally sucks! "Life sucks better without you." Best unwritten country song ever!"

So 20 minutes later I posted a quick Garage Band song on Soundcloud, and now 2 weeks later, I finished the song and recorded the first live performance of it.


Ever since we broke apart

Things just ain’t been the same

I mean, my boss still sucks

and bills still gotta get paid

My neighbor is still a raging racist

and the tree in the yard is still dying at the roots

Life still sucks, yeah

But life sucks better without you.

Ever since our love died

Life’s been a total dream

My eyes are getting kinda bad

And my phones got a crack in the screen

I’m paying for ten streaming channels

To watch a space race with some stupid rich dudes

Life still sucks, yeah

But life sucks better without you.

That day you shattered my poor heart

I carried all the blame

I thought that it was all my fault

Cuz you wrote sins but I felt shame

I was buried under the weight

I was burning in the flame

But the one mother fucking truth that got me through

Life sucks better without you

Ever since I slammed the door

I admit things got bad

My salary just ain’t enough

To cover all the bills we had

I’m living check to check here lately

But I’m living in joy making it do what it do

Life still sucks, yeah

Life still sucks yeah

Life surely still sucks, yeah

But life sucks better without you.

© 2021 Kelly Campos

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