• The Black Nightingale

The world IS scary, and kids need to know that.

I am going to say something radical and unpopular.

It’s ok to traumatize your kid a little bit.

When the church in Charlotte became the scene of a massacre, a white woman tweeted something I will never forget. She said (paraphrased) “If a five year old black girl can lay in blood and pretend to be dead, my five year old white son can understand why she had to.” And that is the key. Show your white kid footage of the peaceful violin protest when the police in riot gear come in and start creating havoc. TALK about it. Show your white kid the footage of the news anchor and his crew being arrested ON CAMERA during a protest. Show your white kid footage that might give them nightmares that night, and just be prepared for it. Because this is the real world. And it SHOULD scare them. And once they are scared, tell them how they can control that fear. By fighting to CHANGE things. #BlackLivesMatter #EndWhiteSilence

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