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talking and listening...

I was interviewed for a podcast called Kites & Strings.

I admit, when I agreed, I didn't really know what I was agreeing to. I knew that Steve Ploum (one of the hosts) is a musician that I've worked with before on community events, and that he had a podcast about music.

I really didn't realize that we'd spend the whole time talking about me! lol!

The hosts, Steve Ploum and Catherine Chinnock, are both Registered Art Therapists and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors in Chicago and New York City. The title, Kites and Strings, references the tension experienced between the artistic, oft-showy and gregarious kite and the grounded, reasonable string.

The conversation meandered like a kite in the wind, and it was a wonderful time with some interesting conversation. I can't wait to share it with you.

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