• The Black Nightingale

Singing for joy...

When I was a kid, (7? 8?) I used to go into the basement and sing to my stuffed animals. I did this daily during the summer. All. The. Time. For years.

I was never in the choir, but I did some musicals in grade school. I never got big leads or solos.

Once I got into college, I joined a band and started singing out all the time. People told me how powerful my voice was. How much they loved to hear me sing.

You know what my parents said?

“You were a terrible singer when you were a kid.”

I was legit terrible. Off key. Couldn’t hold a note in a bucket. But since no one told me to stop, I just kept singing. I essentially practiced my way into being a good singer.

Sing because it brings you joy. THAT is the only way to do it. ❤️

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