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I have gotten multiple private messages from friends in the last few weeks saying some version of "You are so outspoken, and I admire that confidence to just say shit you believe."

And after the most recent one, I realized something.

I have gotten more outspoken since my dad passed away.

He used to say that he'd gotten "more militant in his old age" and I think that since he died, and he can't be that voice anymore, I just started saying the things I imagine he would say, and hope he'd be proud of me.

The time is NOW people.

Life is FULL of reasons to just coast through troubled times. Money and Time being big and very real obstacles for people.

But I 100% believe we are at a crossroads. A point in history which will be written in indelible ink within future history books. The only question is what my personal history book says.

Will my book say that I stood by and watched while everything I hold dear was chipped away, piece by piece, leaving nothing for our children except smog, lead filled water, government controlled birth and NRA controlled government?

Or will my personal history book say that I fought with my 1 small voice, my coffee fund donation to Reproductive Rights, and my time at a rally? That I taught my kid to speak up for the bullied and stand up to those who hate?

Small acts turn into big ones.

I don't have all the answers, but I have read this dystopian nightmare of a book, and I have seen this movie. And I can hear the crowd yelling at me that something is wrong, and I have to DO SOMETHING...


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