• The Black Nightingale

Love and Loss

In this time of social distancing and enforced isolation, you'll see a few interesting things. 1- an important set of people who we rely on a great deal in our modern city world are sadly underpaid: grocery store workers / food chain employees.

2 - another set of important people are always said to be unnecessary. Artists, musicians, and performers.

As we're all stuck at home, people are clamoring for entertainment. Not just to alleviate boredom, but to alleviate panic. To help them take a breath and laugh, or sigh with joy for just a moment - gaining strength to continue through the next panic stricken scream into the void.

In this spirit, I have "released" a new song.

I wrote it about a year ago, on a very mundane trip to the grocery store. Literally. I made it up walking into the store, and wrote it down on a scrap of paper (probably my receipt) when i finished taking everything out of the cart.

So here is my tribute to both the grocery stores and the arts...


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