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Being Bullied by "Family"

I have made very little secret of my political leanings over the years. I share my desires, hopes, and wants freely on social media. I even discuss things in person, if the person is actually discussing and not yelling.

And that is the line of demarcation. I will not tolerate being yelled at or disrespected. And I will not tolerate it even when it comes from family.

This happened to me recently, where a family member that should (in theory) be fairly close to me, showed his @$z in the most ridiculous way on social media.

I was pleased (but not surprised) by the amount of support I got from a large swath of people.

I was NOT pleased by the additional "family" member who was more interested in stopping the public nature of the argument than in stopping the abuse.

You owe NO ONE your emotions, heart, soul, or body ESPECIALLY if they intend to use it as a punching bag. All skin folk ain't kin folk, and all kin folk ain't real family.

Remember to see the difference, and do yourself the kindest thing you can: Let them go.


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