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A night of snow in Homewood

It snowed in my town tonight.

And I felt inspired to watch the newly released on Disney+ FROZEN II

I enjoyed it a lot. It was darker than the first, without being too scary for littles. Maybe it wasn’t so much “darker” as it was “richer” in texture and background and world building.

I finished watching the movie and it was still snowing.

Although I enjoyed the movie, none of the songs (while good) had that ear worm catchiness of Let It Go.

And then this happened.


The snow glows white out in Homewood tonight

Not a footprint can be seen

A village of isolation, cuz of Covid-19

The wind is howling like a swirling storm outside

Keep the kiddos in

Try not to cry....

Let nothing in

Let no one see

The same pajamas you’ve worn for the whole week

It’s real to feel like a volcano

about to blow

You can’t go... you can’t go

Anywhere you used to go before

You can’t can’t go

And your kid just slammed her door

I don’t care

How i look today

Let the snow rage on!

I wasn’t gonna go out anyway...

You’re welcome.


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