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1 Hour Performances


30 Minute Performances

Outdoor Audio Setup
$50 Fee


Fiftyleven Things To Say

Stories & Songs of Black History || This all ages performance features a large variety of music and story from the African American culture. Folk tale, jazz melodies, and true life experience all coexist in this performance that emphasizes the multiplicity of African Americans.

1 Hour


What Had Happened Was...

Mostly True Tales & Personal Narratives. Complicated characters, stories filled with shades of gray. The bad guy isn't always the villain, the princess might not need to be saved, and the story that you hear depends on the part of the story being told.

TEEN / ADULT | 30 minutes or 1 Hour


Myth & Magic

Folk tales, fairy tales, and myths re-told. Taking tales from around the world and using the power of her voice and a drum, Kelly twists the Disney Default in fun and interesting ways, while she talks about how to tell stories in your own way. The show concludes with a mini drum demonstration, and Kelly will write a brand new story/song using input from the audience!



Myth & Magic

Folk & Fairy Tales were not originally meant for small children. They were meant as cautionary tales. Be careful of the unknown. Be wary. Be wise. Be strong. Intended for teens and adults, these tales flirt with danger...

TEEN / ADULT | 1 Hour

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