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Drums, Banjos, and 808s

The evolution of African American Music: A Partial History || African American music is filled with rhythm, melody, and innovation. This presentation will take you through a partial history of its evolution from the ancestral music of the Motherland to a unique expression of the African American experience.

TEEN/ADULT | 45 Minutes | $150


The Day Of Tears : A Theatrical Presentation

With the assistance of a cast of 6 professional actors, Kelly recreates a little known piece of American History.

In March of 1859, the largest sale of human beings in the history in the United States took place at a racetrack in Savannah, Georgia.

Using historic images and recorded staged readings from the book "Day of Tears" by Julius Lester, the audience will be enthralled, appalled, and educated about what came to be known as "The Weeping Time."

Discussion questions and post-performance study guides available upon request.

GRADE 5 - ADULT | 45 minutes | $650

Colorful Flags

Library Programming for Beginners

This workshop, aimed at library and community center staff with limited programming experience, will illustrate concrete methods of planning programs for all ages, and give you the support you need to confidently plan and execute a variety of programs from Grab & Go Kits to larger scale in-person events.

LIBRARY STAFF | 1.5 Hour Webinar | Ask for Quote

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