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Partnerships and recreations

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

I was absolutely honored when two amazing storytellers, Megan Wells and Simon Brooks, asked me to join them in a new virtual storytelling performance.

We each performed a solo piece, and we created a brand new three person telling of The Magic Flute that, instead of focusing on the royalty, focused on the magical servants.

We rehearsed a LOT more than any of us thought we would. Cameras, backdrops, ethernet cables, microphones, streaming platforms... they all took a toll on us.

But WOW was it worth it!

We created a magical piece of storytelling theater, and I was lucky enough to anchor it all through a hybrid of musicianship and foley art.

If you missed the performance, none to worry! We hope to release a video recording for sale - and we DEFINITELY hope to perform it live one day!


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